A Cambridge Ghost Tour

Oxbridge Tours is preparing itself once again for an unparalleled voyage into the macabre and the magnificent!

We have unravelled Cambridge’s strangest stories and most ghostly goings on – You are cordially invited to join us on our famous 90-minute tour through the shadows of the city…

If you dare, read more about the Cambridge Ghost Tour: click here

A Warning – Some stops along the tour are reported to leave a terrifying tingle running down your spine: we’d like to make sure these are the only shivers you’re feeling, so please wrap up warm!

Fearless Phantom Hunters should meet beside The Corpus Chronophage at 7.30pm on Friday and Saturday evenings.
Tickets should be purchased in advance.
Private, Group, and Corporate Tours available – Just Get in Touch

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Gremlins (Under 12) - £4.50
Ghosts - £11.00