Experience Tickets


The Experience Ticket is a simple way to get the most out of a visit to one of these beautiful university towns. Oxbridge Tours specialise in visits Cambridge and Oxford and we know exactly where all the hidden gems are, as well the main tourist tracks – this unparalleled insiders knowledge puts us in a perfect position to look after you on your visit here.

Experience tickets must be booked over the phone with a member of our team – Below is an example of modules available for an experience ticket in Cambridge designed for a weekend school group visit aged 17-18.

Example Ticket

Meet the guide. 
Our guides are all Cambridge students from a wide range of backgrounds. We have passionate guides from the famous footlights comedy society, from the Blues rowing team and more – there is always plenty to talk about.

Walk around historical Cambridge
We have a route for your group which the guide will be using. However, all of the guides have exceptional knowledge of the town so the group can ask to head off in any direction. Cambridge is packed with history and points of interest, so if there is anything particular the group would like to see just let us know and we can adjust the tour. The standard route takes you into Pembroke College, round to the Cavendish laboratory where Watson and Crick discovered the structure of DNA. Past Peter-House (1284) whose luminaries include the inventor of the jet engine, and the computer, then on to Trinity, Kings and St Johns and finishing up in the Cambridge Union debating chamber.

Lunch in one of the old colleges/Union
The guide will then take your group into one of the old dining halls for lunch. Guests always seem to enjoy this as it provides them with a realistic feel of 'life here'.

Application Talks
You guide will take you through their application process. How to pick your College and how to be successful in an interview! What the work load is like and how to choose and university sports clubs and societies. There is plenty to learn from someone who has been through the application process them selves, on hand to give you one to one advice!

River tour along the College Backs
This is a must do in Cambridge. Have a look at what is on offer here!

Free time OR bike tour around Cambridge and the surrounding areas
The group can decide what they would like to do here. We can arrange a cycle tour up to the American Cemetery, or even down to the Orchard Tea gardens (a famous old English tea room and garden where Rupert Brooke, Virginia Woolf and more often came to write) on traditional Cambridge bikes. Alternatively there is an option for free time, to explore the shops or maybe a few of the old museums in Cambridge.

Experience a lecture.
A real insight into what Cambridge is all about. Your guide will take you in to one of the old lecture theatres for a short talk covering some of the fascinating discoveries and achievements made here in the past. With a quick quiz with prizes at the end to see what you’ve learnt!

Evenings (7/8pm):  Formal Hall
It is often possible to arrange to take Formal Hall in one of the old colleges at 7pm. The Formal Hall is when students and fellows of a college have a special occasion dinner for which they have to wear black tie and academic robes. The dinner is very tasty, served with wine and port to finish. Have a look at the images to see what kind of experience that will be!