A Ghostly City

By Oxbridge Tours - Posted on 08 October 2014

After the great successes of the Ghost Tours in previous years, Oxbridge Tours has delved once more into the shadowy underbelly of the City’s history and unearthed Hauntings, Hangings, Murders, and Mayhem.

The Ghosts responsible for some of the hauntings we are ready to show you have a presence that is still possible to feel today… The tour ends, leaving you with a deliciously scary tingle running down your spine!

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If you dare to read on, here are a few teasers to the terror that awaits you on this year’s tour… (And a little poem for those who make it to the end)

The tour begins, perhaps gently enough, beside the well lit glow of the Corpus Chronophage – Of course on closer inspection his sharp teeth, and menacing scowl reveal a different side to the time eater as he munches away hungrily, devouring the last remaining cinders of time.

Naturally, we soon take a darker turn and ready ourselves for the sinister shadows of Cambridge’s oldest back streets!

On route through several spine-chilling hauntings, terrible tales, and of course a visit to the old hangmans house, we arrive through the darkness to St Boltophs Church; the location of the old city gates and medieval moat – As you learn of the countless bodies strewn in the ditch following the Black Death, we walk, their skeletons underfoot, down towards the river.

The weeping willow trees rise from the mist, and the tale of woeful Juliet and her vicious hauntings at the Ferryboat Inn are recounted after hanging herself from one such willow tree in her night gown over 900 years ago – but as you will hear, she was not the last young girl to perish this way.

The town became known as the ‘Town of 1000 weeping willows’, one it was said, for every young girl found hanging from the town's lugubrious trees.

Now, be careful to stay close to you guide as we make our way to see one of the city’s most notorious poltergeists, along a gas lamp lit street, the presence of this haunting can still be felt – You’ll be amazed to hear why!

Gliding on, we encounter the body snatchers, who tore the teeth from their victims mouths, old town drinking wells filled with unexplained corpses, and professors who slept in coffins!

The backstreets of Cambridge are still steeped in their medieval charm, often humorours; ghostly librarians are lurking in its restaurants, and friendly ghosts who lay out marshmallows… but turn another corner and learn of witchcraft and wizardry, of punishments and the paranormal…

Hear of death defying leaps, and watch-out for a procession of spirit doppelgangers (being careful not to see your own double amongst them!), following your guide along the cobbled path towards Trinity.

You’ll discover the secret traditions of Charles Dickens’s Ghost Club, and the rocky tale of marriage between science and the paranormal. Cambridge’s very own 007, and the language spoken here to the angels.

A Ghostly Cambridge Poem

Join our spine-chilling tour and you're in for a fright,
Murder mischief, and shadows, that go bump in the night!
An old college master, found hung from his garters,
As paired ghostly lovers search the night for their partners,
Hangings and hauntings, and that’s just for starters

Not the tour nor the place for those faint of heart;
With terror and treachery right from the start
Stay close to your guide, by skip or by stride
The Ghosts of this city have menace in mind and
once the sun sets on Cambridge t
here's nowhere to hide.

We look forward to seeing you out there!...