Creepy Colleges - Part One

By Oxbridge Tours - Posted on 03 November 2014

Cambridge is home to 32 colleges- more than we can show you in one Cambridge Ghost Tour. But don’t fret, thrill seekers! Here you can find out all the ghostly goings-on in the Cambridge locations you won’t be visiting on The Cambridge Ghost Tour.


College: Emmanuel

Ghost: Grey Lady

Haunting: The old masters lodge, south college ground. The Harris family took up residence in 1867 and began hearing running footsteps echoing through empty passageways. Then Mrs Harris saw the ghostly silhouette of female figure stood by her bed, wearing a grey veil. When the lodge was transformed into a boarding school for girls, it was common for the staff and students alike to spot the ‘grey lady’      .

History: Three sudden suicides of the lodge’s previous occupants. The lodge was demolished in 1893 and Emmanuel House was built in it’s place, no further paranormal activity has been reported...yet.


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College: Christ’s

Ghost: Christopher Round
Haunting: The ghost of an elderly man, woefully circling the mulberry tree and college pool.
History: Round and a contemporary he had a competitive and spiteful relationship with, had spent the evening experimenting with the newly discovered chemical chloroform. Having become dizzied from the fumes, Round’s companion fell into the college pool on the walk back to the dormitories and instead of helping, Round let the man drown.

College: Sidney Sussex

Ghost: Oliver Cromwell

Haunting: A ghoulishly emaciated floating head has reportedly been seen in the grounds and outside windows, accompanied by a smell rotting stench.

History: Sidney is the resting burial place of Oliver Cromwell’s severed head. It was interred there, in an oak box within an airtight container in 1960. It is in a secret location, known to only the few witnesses.

College: Girton
Ghost: Roman Centurion
Haunting: When the college was first built, staff and students reported sightings of a spectre dressed in full roman battle regalia.
History: Beneath what is now the Girton tennis courts, 18th century archaeologists uncovered major Roman burial sites. Recent digs conclude that beneath the Cambridge earth, Roman farmsteads appear literally every 200-300 metres

More to come in Part Two!