Cambridge Poet Michael Brown and his work at Oxbridge Tours

By Oxbridge Tours - Posted on 22 January 2015

Author and Tour guide Michael Brown

"I spent summer 2014 at Pembroke College Cambridge. Having previously taken my teaching qualifications and studying English in Cambridge. 

My publishers asked me to complete my new collection of poetry and I had an end of August deadline. Luckily Pembroke were running the National academy of writing - creative writing in Cambridge summer programme. Surrounded by the unique support of college life I was able to finish my new title "The Exhibit". 

In order to cover my tuition and related fees I take groups on walking tours around Cambridge for Oxbridge tours. It is always a pleasure to show them around as they marvel at the Cambridge sights and sounds.  I think Oxbridge tours is the best in the business as the tour guides have real insight "lived experience" of college life can provide unique tours and discuss their personal Cambridge experience. Plus visitors are supporting students with academic fees/costs in booking them for tours. 

I am soon to be trained on ghost tours and I look forward to taking visitors on a haunted tour of Cambridge. 

I love how Cambridge changes with the seasons and to truly appreciate this beautiful city I would suggest you join me or one of my colleagues for a tour."

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