Social Enterprise

Tours of Cambridge and Oxford to Fund Learning

Oxbridge Tours is a social enterprise with a sustainable and innovative business model. Higher education funding is a key issue for the future of the UK, and I am pleased to see students helping their peers by developing practical solutions to new social issues through market mechanisms.

Pamela Hartigan, Director, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, part of the Said Business School at Oxford University

What is social enterprise?

Social entrepreneurship is a term that captures a unique approach to applying business discipline to social problems, coupled with a passion for sustainability and accountability. As a proactive and socially conscious company, Oxbridge Tours puts social enterprise at the heart of its operations and founding principles. There are many different models for social enterprise – we are a profit-making franchise.

At Oxbridge Tours we believe that we can have an impact before, during and after university. At application students know that they can earn, making the opportunity cost lower and the benefit of application higher. During university additional income will reduce financial stress - a significant and growing problem cited by many student aid bodies, such as Cambridge University Students’ Union. Finally, after university students will have lower loan repayments and be able to look forward to a higher standard of living and earlier access the property ladder.

Current approaches towards employment will need to change to avoid harming access to higher education. Work to Study programmes in the USA have been hugely successful, especially at prestigious universities such as Harvard and MIT. There is no reason why systems such as this cannot work at Oxford and Cambridge, and many other European cities.