Private Walking Tour - Cambridge

Our 90-minute private tour of Cambridge gives you a uniquely personal experience; this is our most popular tour.


Uniquely personal

You will have your own guide to take you en route through Cambridge's most famous sights and attractions. The private tour has entry to any college you would like to visit in the 90 minute period, all included in the ticket price*. On a private tour the guide can follow a totally flexible route and, if requested, can take you off to some of city’s the lesser known sights and hidden nuggets of interest!


Hear the insider’s perspective 

The student guides have an insider's view and a unique perspective of what life is like behind the college walls. They offer a more engaging prospective of the city, able to point you in the direction of the best local pubs and restaurants as well as their own personal experiences, and various local tips and tricks! Our guides are not glued to the same routine; they want to know what interests you, and are happy to let you in on local secrets and hidden corners of the towns you would not otherwise discover, as well as covering the main tourist tracks.


Great for prospective students

The private tour is also great for prospective students - if you are considering studying in Cambridge, your guide is on hand to help with information related to application process, interviews, and more. We will aim to find a guide studying similar subjects, or even from particular colleges of interest. From there you can take advantage of all the tips and advice you can handle as well as soaking up the historical beauty of this outstanding city.

Private tours are available year round and can be booked online any day of the week at 11am, 1pm and 3pm. However you can book the tour for anytime you like by giving our bookings team a call on 01223 969598 or by writing to us using the contact form.

*Tickets for Kings College Chapel need to be purchased separately on the day

*Please note that Oxbridge Colleges are private institutions, and may be closed at unpredictable times. We cannot guarantee entrance to specific Colleges throughout the year, despite our best efforts.

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Private Tour for Two - £55.00
Private Tour for Three - £73.00
Private Tour for Four - £90.00
Private Tour for Five - £106.00
Private Tour for Six - £121.00