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Cambridge was once described by 7th century Monk Saint Bede as "a ruined little city". A great deal has changed since then!

Oxbridge Tours provide top quality walking and punting tours of Cambridge all year round, delivered by a team of passionate guides, eager to show you their city!

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Cambridge was named after its 7th century Anglo-Saxon bridge over the river Cam. In 1209 the University of Cambridge was founded, and by 1446 Henry the VI had begun construction of Kings College Chapel. Robert Walpole matriculated from the university in 1696 and went on to be the very first Prime minster of Britain.

Today our guides will show youwithin a few square kilometres, architecture from every style in early-modern history, the locations of countless scientific break-throughs, and college rooms that home some 85 noble prize winners, 100 Olympic medallists, and 14 British Prime ministers. (Read more about the most popular 90-minute tour of Cambridge here!)

You will see reminders of secretive clubs, hauntings, and mysterious traditions. As the tour goes on, you might like to visit the pub where Watson and Crick announced the discovery of DNA, the hangman’s house, or even peak into the old college rooms of Stephen Fry.

Our student guides have an unparalleled insider’s perspective and knowledge of the city and its university. We bring Cambridge to life!

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When you are ready to book simply select your tour from the menu above and follow the instructions. There is more to see than we could possibly squeeze into the city’s most popular 90-minute tour, so if you have a particular interest, college, or subject area, please let us know as we would love to tailor the tour for you where possible!

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