Cambridge Market

By Andrey - Posted on 21 February 2012

Cambridge had been known as a market city before a few students from Oxford settled here and established the second oldest English speaking university. Although now, over 800 years later, Cambridge is known for its university, not many visitors realise that Cambridge remains a market town.

The market square has been the place for numerous local tradesmen since the Middle Ages, and it continues to be the place where you can find stalls with various products on offer. For those of you who wish to buy some local organic food you can find several veggie and health foods stalls. Every Tuesday a fresh seafood stall appears where you can buy some fish for your sushi or scallops for the salad. There are many stalls with local crafts, clothing, music, jewellery and various accessories. The students can benefit form the bike shop that sells second hand bikes and repairs those that are broken.

The market is held from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 10am and 4pm. On Sunday Cambridge becomes the host for another open market located opposite St John’s College main entrance.