10 reasons why Cambridge is beautiful in the winter too!


1. You won't find a frosty welcome, if you do it'll look like this!

Top 5 Nobel Prize Winning Universities

How do the Uk's Top 5 Nobel Prize Winning Universities match up?
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Most Haunted

Venture out of the historic centre of Cambridge and the locations you’ll visit on the Cambridge Ghost Tour, and you can head down the lonely roads of East Anglia to the Most Hau

Horrible History

To fully appreciate the experience of the

Creepy Colleges - Part One

Cambridge is home to 32 colleges- more than we can show you in one Cambridge Ghost Tour. But don’t fret, thrill seekers!

Fear it or not?

The 13 fearsome phobias listed below are the world’s most common and 10 million people in the UK fear of one (or more!)... Let’s find out how courageous you really are!


A Ghostly City

After the great successes of the Ghost Tours in previous years, Oxbridge Tours has delved once more in the shadowy underbelly of the City’s history and unearthed Hauntings, Hangings, Murders, and Mayhem.

Oxford Boys Choir Perform "Hips Don't Lie" for Charity

The Gentlemen of Oxford's all male choir are at it again! The a cappella group 'Out of the Blue' channel their inner Shakira for Charity!

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Tour de France - A welcome to Cambridge

As the Tour de France begins its One-hundered and 1st race this year in England, we are on stand-by to capture the moment it passes through the historical heart of Cambridge:

Veiw from St Mary's Church:

Our favourite race steward:

An unusual helmet: