Things to do in Cambridge


Things to do in Cambridge

Cambridge is a fascinating city, buried in its rich and brilliant history are many hidden treasures, novel stories and unique traditions and heritage. If you are looking for some of the best things to do in Cambridge, below is a small collection of our top picks – If you would like any other ideas you are welcome to give us a call to see if we can help!

The Oxbridge Tours Walking Tour
Of Course it goes without saying, you can’t visit Cambridge and not join one of the famous Student guided walking tours of Cambridge! So all the information you need to book is here; Cambridge Walking Tours

The Fitzwilliam Museum
There is archaeological evidence of settlement in the Cambridge area dating back around 3,500 years to a small farm on the site now occupied by Fitzwilliam College founded in 1869. If you are interested in a trip back in time however, the Fitzwilliam Museum, much closer the centre of town is the place to be. Founded in 1816 the free museum has a truly fantastic collection and is certainly one of the top things to do in Cambridge on a visit here!(Once you’ve joined the walking tour of course!)

One of the great Cambridge traditions, and a fantastic way to relax and unwind after a hard day of sight seeing and sunshine – For more information on the river tours please follow this link or give us a call; Punt Tours

If your looking for things to do in Cambridge after you have got the most out of your day one of the city’s many pubs is sure to be to your taste. If you are looking for a river view we recommend the Granta, or Anchor pubs. A very popular thing to do in Cambridge is have lunch on dinner at the Eagle – although it can get very busy in tourist season its worth stopping by; the ceiling of this traditional English pub is decorated with WW2 graffiti and the walls display trophies of its history – Watson and Cricks claim to the discovery of DNA, old horse coaching paraphernalia from its days as a coaching inn and more. The St Radegund, The Pickerel, The Jolly Schollor, Fort St George, and the Fountain may also be worth stopping off at.

The Natural History Museum
With full Whale skeletons, Bears, Elephant, and even a Sabre tooth tiger a visit to this free and little known museum is a great thing to do with visiting Cambridge. If you have (well behaved) kids, they would love it too!

Bike Tours
Fancy seeing a bit more of the surrounding villages? If the answer is yes a Cambridge Bike Tour could be just your thing. Click here for more information.

Walk along the river up to Grantchester tea gardens
On a summers day this leisurely walk is a grate thing to do in Cambridge. The Grantchester Orchard is where Rupert Brooke and Virginia Wolfe often sat to glean inspiration for their work. The meadows are lovely and the Orchard Tea gardens provide an idyllic setting to relax and experience an English tea the way it should be!

Visit some of the Colleges
Cambridge is home to 32 colleges. The majority of the older ones are in the city centre and within walking distance of one another, most are also open to visitors for a small charge of around £3 per person (with the exception of Kings college who decide to charge around £8! for the privilege). Some of the best Colleges to visit are Trinity, St Johns, Clare College and Peter House. Of course St Catherines, Corpus Christi, Pembroke and many more are also close by and equally gorgeous!
Our Private Tours include any entry to the colleges (aside from Kings).


We can help
If you have any questions about things to do in Cambridge during your visit, including recommended accommodation, best restaurants, parking or anything else just give us a call!